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Join SkyRider Tours aloft for your sunrise hot air balloon flight over Temecula, California wine country!

Create lasting memories with our air balloon experience!! Gift tickets available to present in anticipation of your experience aloft.

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SkyRider tours, your Temecula Balloon Ride Tour Services

SkyRider tours offers daily sunrise balloon flights, weather permitting. Toast the view aloft with a cup of champagne as you take in the surrounding beauty of the vineyards, wineries, and rolling hills. SkyRider tours takes pride in customizing your experience to your budget with private, semi-private, and group fight options. With our high-quality equipment and excellent safety rating, we ensure that you will have the hot air balloon ride of a lifetime.

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About Your Hot Air Balloon Tour Company

SkyRider Tours is dedicated to making your hot air balloon experience unforgettable. Our highly trained and experienced pilots will guide you on a safe and memorable journey, soaring peacefully over the Temecula's rolling hills, vineyards, and stunning surroundings. Our hot air balloon rides are perfect for your special occasion! Join us aloft for your romantic date, wedding proposal, anniversary or birthday celebration for lasting memories.

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Why Choose Skyrider Tours?

When you choose SkyRider Tours as your balloon ride tour company in Temecula, you can expect:

  • Breathtaking views of the stunning Temecula Valley from high above

  • Create unforgettable memories with an experience you'll never forget

  • Scenic tours of the region's rolling hills, vineyards, and landscapes

  • Tethered flights for a unique and exciting adventure in the place of your choice

  • One-of-a-kind experience with the premier hot air balloon tour agency in Temecula

  • Great customer experience with our highly trained pilots and professional team

  • Outstanding customer service to make your hot air balloon Temecula ride unforgettable

  • Custom packages available to suit your specific needs and preferences

Choose SkyRider Tours for an incredible hot air balloon experience that you'll cherish forever. Our team is dedicated to making your ride safe, memorable, and exciting. Book your hot air balloon ride today and discover Temecula from a stunning and unique perspective. Touch the sky with SkyRider Tours.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience over the Temecula Valley, look no further than SkyRider Tours, the premier hot air balloon company in Temecula. Book your hot air balloon ride today and discover the beauty of this amazing region from a unique and awe-inspiring perspective.

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What our customers are saying

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Wonderful Hosts

"Great experience with SkyRider Tours. Joshua and his team were professional, communicative, and wonderful hosts."

- Shrikesh M.

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Beautiful And Peaceful

"What a beautiful and peaceful ride! From beginning to end (especially the actual flight) was effortlessly smooth!"

- Megan F.

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Beautiful Landscapes

"Thank you SkyRider Tours for a flight of a lifetime. Our private flight floating among the clouds was peaceful and filled with beautiful landscapes."

- Brenda A.